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Protecting the Rights of California Workers

When you’re injured in the workplace or while on the job, you may assume that you can secure workers’ compensation benefits from your employer easily, given that it’s your right as a worker. Unfortunately, the process isn’t always as seamless as people like to believe, even in California, where employers are required to carry workers’ comp insurance.

Employers and their insurance companies often try to limit the amount workers are given in benefits and sometimes will avoid paying workers entirely. At Leigh Law Firm, our Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorney is committed to protecting the rights of injured workers and can hold employers and insurance companies responsible. We’re not afraid to go up against large companies to protect you and collect what’s rightfully yours.

Contact our caring team online or by phone at (619) 473-7569 or contact us online to take advantage of your free consultation today. We can also help you if you’re considered an essential worker during COVID-19.

What Are the Most Common Workplace Accidents & Injuries?

When people think of workplace accidents, they often think about the construction industry or industries involving manual labor. While it’s true that construction workers are at higher risk of getting injured, workplace accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, even in typical offices or while traveling.

Common accidents that can occur on the job include:

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Slippery surfaces, whether caused by a drink spill or rainy weather, are fairly common in the workplace and can cause workers to trip and fall. Torn or old flooring, broken stairs or rails, and poor lighting may also cause a slip and fall accident, and when it comes to construction work, falls from heights like ladders and scaffolding are always a present risk.

Being Hit by Falling Objects

Construction workers can be hit by falling debris while on-site, and objects can fall out of cupboards or off shelves while workers are doing things as minor as looking for office supplies.

Repetitive Stress Injuries

RSIS are a common issue among workers who work in environments lacking ergonomic equipment like hand trucks, chairs that support people’s backs, and keyboards that take strain off the wrists. This isn’t a one-time accident but, rather, movement that can cause injuries over time.


Motor vehicle accidents are already the leading cause of injuries in the United States, and work-related car accidents are no exception. Delivery workers can be injured in collisions on the job, and even other vehicles like forklift trucks can collide with other vehicles while on the road or off to the side.

Exposure to Toxic Substances

While most people don’t work with hazardous chemicals, office workers can still be exposed to dangerous toxins if they work in an older environment, like in a building that still uses asbestos in its ceilings or walls.

What Do I Do If My Workers’ Compensation Application is Denied?

If your employer’s insurance company is underpaying you or has denied your workers’ comp request altogether, you still have options. All workers are allowed to file an appeal – in most states, workers have 30 days after they receive their letters of denial.

Time is of the essence, which is why it’s crucial that you hire our workers’ comp attorney to get started on your case. We can determine the reason why your claim may have been denied and gather the information needed to support your appeal.

Workers’ Comp Provisions During COVID-19

Workers deemed essential during COVID-19 are now protected under California governor Gavin Newsom’s executive order, while provides workers’ comp benefits to all essential workers who have been infected by COVID-19.

“Essential workers” include those who are allowed to leave their homes to work during stay-at-home orders. Workers are covered under the order if they’ve tested positive within 14 days of their last workday any time after the first day the stay-at-home order was issued, March 19. Our team can help you file for workers’ comp to make sure you receive the benefits you deserve after being infected.

Ready to reach financial stability? Call our workers’ compensation attorney in Los Angeles today at (619) 473-7569 or contact us online. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can get started on your case.

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