Case Results

Millions of Dollars Recovered

Attorney Alexander J. Leigh has handled many types of workers' compensation and personal injury cases over the course of his career. We believe passion and a personal touch go a long way, and these case results speak to that belief.

We hope these case results will help you in your research for a personal injury or workers' compensation attorney. Contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.

  • 5,000,000.00
    Brain Injury Settlement

    $5,000,000.00 recovered for a client who sustained a traumatic brain injury while on a work trip. This was a heavily disputed case. Defendant insurance carrier argued that it was not a work sanctioned trip and was therefore a vacation because the trip was not authorized and paid for by the employer. Leigh Law Firm was able to argue that the trip was work-related because the trip included vendors that do business with the employer, and therefore the trip was for the betterment of the employer.

  • $375,000.00
    Patient Sitter Recovered $375,000 for our client who had a stroke that occurred at work.
  • $350,000.00
    MTA Bus Operator

    Denied Cumulative Trauma claim to multiple body parts for an MTA bus operator of over 15 years. Client had significant back and knee injuries, and defendant did not want to pay any wage loss or provide any treatment.

    Result: Injury found to be compensable. Obtained over 1 ½ years of lost wages, medical treatment, permanent disability, and future medical care

  • $320,000.00
    Death Claim Recovered $320,000 for spouse and child after husband fell to his death.
  • $300,000.00
    Licensed Vocational Nurse

    Client endured significant harassment from superiors and co-workers, which lead to him having a heart attack on the job. Insurance company denied the case and alleged that the condition was pre-existing and not related to his job.

    Result: Settlement of lost wages, permanent disability, medical treatment and future medical care.

  • $155,000
    Fire Fighter Trauma $155,000 recovered for a fire fighter with a Cumulative Trauma claim.
  • $150,000.00
    Motor Vehicle Accident On the Job

    Client sustained significant back injury in a motor vehicle accident while working. Insurance company did not pay any lost wages or any medical treatment for over a year.

    Result: Temporary Disability benefits picked up with back pay, penalties, interest, and ongoing future medical care.

  • $145,000.00
    Slip and Fall Settlement $145,000 recovered for bakery worker who slipped and fell.
  • $116,000
    Retired Professional Baseball Player Recovered $116,000 for a retired professional baseball player.
  • $100,000.00
    Professional Baseball Player

    Cumulative Trauma claim for minor league baseball player as a result of playing and practicing professional baseball.

    Result: $100,000 Settlement

  • $95,000
    Warehouse Worker Injury $95,000 recovered for a warehouse worker for a knee injury.
  • $70,000
    Retired Professional Baseball Player Recovered $70,000 for a retired baseball player.
  • $60,000.00
    Certified Nursing Assistant – Disability Discrimination

    Certified Nursing Assistant sustained back injury. Employer refused to accommodate restrictions and fired the employee after filing a workers’ compensation claim.

    Result: Lost wages, medical treatment, and disability discrimination 132(a) penalties

  • $60,000.00
    Torn Rotator Cuff Settlement

    Client came to me with a $5,000.00 settlement offer from an insurance company for a torn rotator cuff after surgery.

    Result: $60,000 Settlement

  • $45,000.00
    Hernia Repair Surgery

    Client came to me with an offer from the insurance company offering a $1,200.00 settlement for hernia repair surgery to resolve any permanent disability and future medical care.

    Result: Settled for $45,000.00 and client has future medical care for life for his hernia repair.