What to Know About Returning to Work After an Injury

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After you’ve been injured in an accident and have taken time off to recover, it’s natural to feel anxious about returning to work as soon as possible. You may feel pressured to get back on your feet quickly out of fear of losing your job, or because you’ll earn more money than you can on workers’ comp. Some people are told that the longer they’re off work after an injury, the more difficult it can be to return. Your employer may also be eager to get you back to work so they can stop paying your workers’ compensation benefits.

However, it’s important to take several factors into consideration before you rush yourself, including your own health. If you’re still in pain or your capabilities are still hindered as a result of your accident or illness, your employer and their insurance company are still obligated to pay your workers’ comp benefits.

The Importance of Consulting Your Doctor

Only your physician can determine when you’re physical able to return to work. Returning to work to perform your daily tasks can in some cases reinjure you, and these injuries may be worse than before and require additional healing time.

However, some doctors allow patients to return to work as long as they follow certain restrictions. If your doctor gives you the go-ahead while you’re still healing, it’s important to communicate this to your employer so you can form a plan together to make accommodations. Some employers may adjust your work schedule, give you a lighter workload, or change out some of your tasks to make things easier.

What Are Temporary Disability Benefits?

If you can return to work but only for limited hours, or if your employer has limited your duties and your wages as a result, you may qualify for temporary partial disability (TPD) benefits. These benefits are usually equal to two-thirds of your lost wages and begin within 14 days of your employer learning about your injuries and your doctor confirming you are temporarily disabled.

To learn more about whether you qualify for disability benefits after your work injury, it’s important that you call a workers’ compensation attorney. Our lawyer has successfully recovered millions of dollars for the injured and understands the importance of being compensated so you can pay your bills and provide for yourself and your family.

Protecting Workers’ Rights After Accidents

If you were injured in a workplace accident, you need the support of a trusted workers’ compensation attorney. An attorney can not only secure the benefits you need when you have to take off work, but can also fight to protect your interests from employers and insurance companies who may be looking to undermine your claim or deny it entirely.

With the team at Leigh Law Firm on your side, you don’t need to worry about being retaliated against by your employer when you report your injury. Being discriminated against by your employer for your work injury or disability is illegal, and our lawyer is dedicated to ensuring that you get the benefits you’re entitled to. We can help you cover the costs of your lost wages as well as medical bills, which can include expenses like hospital stays, surgeries, physical therapy, medications, and more. We can also appeal denied claims and have experience helping workers across a wide range of industries, from construction workers and health workers to restaurant employees and professional athletes.

Returning to work after your injury or illness isn’t something that should be taken lightly. We can help you safeguard your health and your future.

Contact our workers’ compensation attorney online or by phone at (619) 473-7569 for a free consultation after a workplace injury. Our team is passionate about protecting your rights and ensuring that no employer or insurance company takes advantage of you.