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Can Uber & Lyft Drivers Receive Workers’ Comp Benefits?

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Just within the last few years, rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft have become popular and used by individuals all over the country and around the world. Easy to use and accessible to anyone with a smartphone, it’s no wonder why thousands of people use rideshare apps every day. Unfortunately, the rise in rideshare usage also contributes to the rise in rideshare accidents.

While Uber and Lyft drivers can get into car accidents like anyone else, filing injury claims looks different and is more complicated for drivers, especially if they’re on the job. One major question a lot of new rideshare drivers have is whether they can receive workers’ compensation benefits if they suffer from injuries in a car accident.

Employees Vs. Independent Contractors

The main issue with obtaining worker’s compensation benefits is the classification of Uber and Lyft’s drivers. Under many state laws, employees are guaranteed access to workers’ compensation if they’ve been injured on the job. However, workers who are classified as anything other than employees may have a more difficult time.

Uber and Lyft classify their drivers as either partners or independent contractors. Independent contractors are individuals or entities that provide services under contract, which means they control their own schedules and choose their own passengers. As a result, Uber and Lyft don’t withhold drivers’ taxes or give them the benefits that their regular employees have. Benefits that independent contractors are excluded from include health insurance, sick days, overtime pay, and workers’ compensation.

You Still Have Options

If you were injured while driving passengers as an Uber or Lyft driver, you may not be eligible to seek workers’ comp benefits, but you still have options. It’s important to contact our law firm before you give up, as we can assess your accident and determine whether you were misclassified and are, in fact, entitled to workers’ comp.

Even if you are properly classified as an independent contractor, we can still assess your accident and see what damages we can recover. If the car accident was caused by negligence, you as the injured victim can still be entitled to compensation for damages that include property damage to your vehicle, lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

Protecting Your Workers’ Rights

Many individuals who have been injured on the job are surprised when they discover that securing workers’ compensation benefits isn’t as easy as it seems. While your accident may seem clear-cut, at the end of the day insurance companies are for-profit businesses that will do what it takes to avoid having to shell out money. If your application is denied when you deserve benefits, you need to call the workers’ compensation attorneys at Leigh Law Firm. Even if you feel helpless, our attorneys have successfully handled countless cases and have solutions for some of the most complex injury claims. We can provide options you didn’t even know existed when you sit down with us in your consultation. Your future is bright with us by your side.

Contact Leigh Law Firm online or by phone at (619) 473-7569 for a free consultation if you’ve been injured on the job. Our team fights for workers’ rights and isn’t afraid to stand up to large insurance companies and powerful employers.