California Tests Out New Paperless Workers' Comp System

California is trying to jump into the future of workers’ compensation claim management by testing out a new paperless system. The state is using software that allows workers’ comp providers to get electronic, wireless authorizations using data-stored medical records instead of records sent via fax machines.

The tech experiment was prompted by Chief Medical Officer Dr. Dinesh Govindarao of the State Compensation Insurance Fund in hopes to speed up workers’ comp claim processing. As it is now, some injured have to wait weeks to hear if their claim was approved or denied simply because the right medical records on paper cannot be easily located and shared. If the new software – called UR Connected – can speed up the process, then injured workers can get the care and peace of mind they deserve sooner than later.

UR Connected is said to use a fairly simple approach to utilization approval. Treating physicians can readily retrieve necessary medical records, connect with the workers’ compensation insurance provider, and receive authorization near-immediately. Or, on the other hand, they can be told upfront to direct the utilization for further review.

Dr. Govindarao also pointed out how the software is going to help workers’ compensation insurance providers, too. He believes getting injured workers care sooner will get them back into the workplace sooner, which, in turn, will reduce the amount of total benefits an insurer needs to provide for them. In a way, the system represents a win-win, if the tests pan out positively, of course.

State Fund is the second-largest workers’ compensation insurance provider in California, with more than 100,000 clients. At any given time, the company will have tens of thousands of pending claims that need to be reviewed, approved, or denied. UR Connected could greatly streamline the company’s processes and, if it is promising, Dr. Govindarao is hopeful other insurance providers will be inspired to develop their own similar systems. In other words, the future for workers’ compensation claims in California may soon be free of endless waiting rooms thanks to technological advances.

You can find out more about UR Connected and the future of workers’ comp claim management by clicking here and reading a full article from The Sacramento Bee. If you need help with your own workers’ compensation claim in San Diego, call (619) 473-7569 to speak with a workers’ comp lawyer from Leigh Law Firm today.